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Information about the Craft and Produce Show:


Monday 12th September 2pm to 4pm (Grange Office) and 6pm to 8pm (Grange Office/ Bar) Tuesday 13th September 2pm to 4pm (Grange Office) and 6pm to 8pm (Grange Office/ Bar) Wednesday 14th September 2pm to 4pm (Grange Office) and 6pm to 8pm (Grange Office/ Bar) 

Photographs, paintings, handicrafts and flower arrangements should be brought to the Hadwin Lounge, Hurworth Grange for set up between 4pm and 7pm on Friday 16th September 

Exhibitors can also set up between 7:30am and 9:30am on Saturday 17th September 

Sunflower growing competition: 

For the Tallest Sunflower Competition (categories 41 to 42) sunflowers can either be grown in a pot, or directly in the garden. Judging will be held in the contestant’s own garden on Thursday 15th September at a pre-arranged time. 

Every household will be receiving a chronicle very shortly, so will have an entry form with all of the categories within the booklet.

All of the above and more, can be found by clicking on the following link:


Hurworth Grange


The Community Centre at Hurworth Grange is managed by the Hurworth Community Association, which is a registered charity. The property is owned by Hurworth Parish Council. The Centre is self-funding under an all-repairing lease, and has been open since 1969.

The Governance of both local councils and charities has become more stringent, and hence much more complex.

We are conscious that the UK is probably heading for a recession and with utility costs escalating, the rising cost of living and significant inflation, the effect on social drinking and entertainment may be seriously detrimental. It is expected that public houses and restaurants may come under serious pressure, and many suffer badly.

The Grange Bar has been supervised by its own Volunteer Committee who are tenants of Hurworth Community Association.

In the event of the Grange Bar becoming financially unsustainable these volunteers would become financially liable for any debts.

Therefore, in the interests of all concerned a decision has been taken to create a Community Interest Company, limited by guarantee to take over the supervision of the bar.

With effect from 1st October 2022, the Grange Bar CIC will become the tenant of the Hurworth Community Association responsible for the supervision of the bar.

We would like to express our thanks to the volunteers who have supervised the bar over many years, both in the good years, but also during the last few difficult ones.